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Your account was transferred to our office for repayment of the balance in full due to non-payment. However, there is GOOD NEWS! You have been approved to enter into a Trial Period Plan for a Veripro Repayment Plan. This plan is a balance repayment program designed specifically for your 2nd Lien Mortgage.


Upon successful completion of the Trial Period Plan, we will reduce your total outstanding balance by 20%! You will then be allowed to repay the remaining balance off in monthly payments equal to the trial payment amount with an interest rate of 0%. This interest rate will be fixed until the balance is paid off in full.


To successfully complete the trial period plan, you will need to make trial period plan payments as show in the example below on or before the due dates presented in your offer letter.



To Accept This Offer: You must make your first trial period payment within the month of the first payment due date designated in your offer letter.

Don't have an offer letter? Call us at: 888-967-9700

Set up Automatic Payments:

    • Help Ensure No-Cost, Timely and Accurate Processing of Your Payments
    • No processing fees or cost to you
    • Scheduled your payments on the date YOU decide
    • Use your checking account, credit or debt card.

To Provide Your Authorization and Set Up Automatic Payments, Please contact us at 888-967-9700

Or Access our Automatic Payment Authorization Forms Online and return it to us.

Once you complete the Authorization of Automatic Payment Form send the completed form back to us by one of the following. 


Fax: 877-492-6160

Mail: Veripro Solutions, P.O. Box 3244 Coppell, TX 75019 

You can also make your payment online: CLICK HERE TO MAKE A PAYMENT



It is important that you thoroughly review the Frequently Asked Questions, Additional Trial Period Plan Information and Legal Notices information included with this letter.

Once you have successfully made each of the payments above by the due dates, you will receive a final 2nd Lien Veripro Repayment Plan agreement packet.

Upon receiving this packet, please sign and return the Repayment Plan agreement. After the signed agreement has been received, Veripro will countersign the agreement.

At that time, your mortgage will be permanently modified in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

Your total outstanding balance will be reduced by 20% and you will be allowed to repay the remaining balance with the same monthly payment amount with 0% interest.

Once the Trial Period Plan is completed, we can provide you a confirmation letter to reflect the status of the repayment plan as Paying as Agreed. You will be current on the repayment plan agreement.

Once the balance is paid in full, we will close your file with a $0.00 balance due and send you confirmation of Payment in Full and we will record a full mortgage satisfaction to release the lien in your property county recorder's office.

If you fail to successfully complete this Trial Period Plan, this offer will end and the 2nd Lien Mortgage loan balance will be due in full.

Please note: Until this 2nd Lien Repayment Plan has been completed, your existing note and all mortgage documents remain in effect and unchanged during the trial period.

If you miss a payment, or do not fulfill any other terms of the trial period, this offer will end and the mortgage loan balance will be due in full.

If you are unable or unwilling to pay the monthly trial payment listed above. we may have other options for you - such as a Reduced Payoff allowing you to settle the balance at a fraction of what you owe either in one lump sum payment or over several months.

We also offer balance reduction payment plans. These plans may allow you to reduce your total balance by up to $20.000 or more after successfully completing 12 consecutive monthly payments. We also may offer to match your payments dollar for dollar to help you pay off the balance.

All of these options ultimately could help you obtain a mortgage release, and further our mission to help you own you own your home.

If you are interested in the other plans we offer CLICK HERE to find out more.

To Accept This Offer: You must make your first trial period payment within the month of the first payment due date designated in your offer letter.
Q. Why is there a trial period? - The trial period offers you immediate payment relief and gives you time to make sure you can manage the estimated new monthly mortgage payment. The trial period is temporary, and your existing loan and loan requirements remain in effect and unchanged during the trial period.
Q. Will the principal and interest portion of my payment be fixed after my loan is permanently modified? - Your monthly payment amount will not change under the terms of the Veripro Balance Repayment Plan since the interest rate will be fixed for the remaining life of the loan at 0%.
Additional Trial Period Plan Information and Legal Notices: During the trial period, we may accept and post your trial period payments to your account.
    • Once you complete the Trial Period Plan, we will reduce the remaining outstanding balance by 20%.
    • Our acceptance and posting of your new payment during the trial period will not be deemed a waiver of the acceleration of your loan or foreclosure action and related activities, if any, and shall not constitute a cure of your default under your loan unless the payments are sufficient to completely satisfy the total balance due on your loan.
    • Your current loan documents remain in effect; however, you may make the trial period payments instead of the payments required under your loan documents.
    • You agree that all terms and provisions of your current mortgage note and mortgage security instrument remain in full force and effect and you will comply with those terms; and that nothing in the Trial Period Plan shall be understood or construed to be a satisfaction or release in whole or in part of the obligations contained in the loan documents.