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" I would like to let you know that Mr. Chris has been so helpful to us. He is so kind, knowledgeable, and so accommodating. Seldom do you find a person like that. Honestly speaking, I have dealt with lots of people who, instead of helping find a solution to a problem, they make my life more stressful." "I thank you so much, Natasha. You are very efficient and professional. It's a pleasure to deal with a representative like you. I truly wish that the representatives from other offices will follow your example. Only then the process will be smooth and all troubles will be solved promptly and in a good manner."
-- Mel & Lina -- Armando
   See how we were able to help this customer create close to $50k equity in their property:
Before Negotiations with Veripro
2nd mortgage debt transferred
to Veripro Solutions
First Mortgage Debt Amount $369,427.84
Total Mortgage Debt Amount
(sum of all mortgage balances)
Property Value Estimate $417,000.00
Equity in Property PRIOR to
settlement with Veripro Solutions
(Value minus total debt)
Veripro Solutions was able to agree to settle the 2nd mortgage debt
for a fraction of the amount owed based on a review of the customers
finances and the value of the collateral to completely remove the
second mortgage debt.
After Settlement with Veripro
img1 img2

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